Posted by: RyanSpoon | September 21, 2009

Dogpatch Labs Cambridge: Housewarming Party and Office Hours

We are excited to announce that Dogpatch Labs Cambridge is having a little Housewarming Pizza Party on Thursday, October 15th, from 6-8pm to welcome ourselves to the neighborhood and meet some folks like yourself. We’d love to have you join us!

Also, office hours at Dogpatch Labs Cambridge will begin on Friday, September 25th, from 2-5pm. Regular office hours will begin the following week on Thursday afternoons from 2-5pm, and will include coffee, snacks, and good conversation. Come by to meet Polaris, Dogpatch residents, solicit feedback on your latest project, get a tour of the Lab, etc.

Office hours are entirely open and drop-ins are welcome (but you can also feel free to let us know ahead of time).

Dogpatch Labs Cambridge is located at 222 Third Street, 4th Floor, in Cambridge (Kendall Square) and you can learn more here. For more information on Dogpatch Labs, follow us on:
More About Dogpatch Labs
Dogpatch Labs on Facebook (events, news, etc)
Dogpatch Labs on Twitter (@dogpatchlabs)

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