Posted by: RyanSpoon | December 10, 2009

Announcing Dogpatch Labs New York

Polaris Venture Partners today announced that it is opening its third “open source startup lab,” Dogpatch Labs New York, which will be located at 36 East 12th Street in New York City.

Dogpatch Labs New York joins Dogatch Labs in San Francisco and Cambridge, Massachusetts, highlighting Polaris Venture Partners’ continued commitment to working with early stage entrepreneurs and founders as they conceive and launch startups. Like its counterparts, Dogpatch Labs New York will be a “frat house for geeks,” offering space, connectivity, coffee and food in a fun, open environment. Dogpatch Labs is much more than a physical space – it is a community of like minded entrepreneurs who share a spirit of “open source entrepreneurship” — the idea that, particularly at the very earliest of stages, entrepreneurs benefit from fostering connection points with other entrepreneurs and startups.

Investment or other formal affiliation with Polaris is not required in order for entrepreneurs to be considered to join the Lab.

Dogpatch Lab’s objectives include the fostering of collaboration, the cross-pollination of experiences and the exchange of ideas amongst entrepreneurs. So, in addition to a workspace, the Lab will routinely be used as a meeting place — for dinner events, brown bag lunch talks, workshops, conferences, hackathons, symposia and good ole’ pizza and beer nights. Topics will include Web and Viral Marketing, “new school” Leveraged Sales Models, “Lean Startup” philosophies, and just networking.

The addition of Dogpatch Labs New York creates a unique ability to facilitate connections and communication amongst members of all three locations. The Dogpatch Labs Network will enable the sharing of best practices and will expose local entrepreneurs to the people and companies driving innovation across the country.

The New York metropolitan area is alive with many first time and repeat entrepreneurs conceiving and building consumer internet, cloud computing and life science businesses. Reflecting Polaris Venture Partners’ diversified investment strategy, Dogpatch Labs welcomes entrepreneurs from all sectors.

Since its inception Polaris Venture Partners has been an active investor in the New York area in companies across multiple sectors and stages. Current investments include Modelinia, Phreesia, Roundbox, Heavy, WHI Solutions and Ascend Health. Current investments in other regions include Automattic (the Company behind WordPress), Quantcast, LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LMI), JibJab, LOLapps, and LegalZoom.

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