About Dogpatch Labs

Dogpatch Labs was created by Polaris Venture Partners to connect entrepreneurs and help founders conceive and launch startups.

We have three locations:
– San Francisco, CA at Pier 38 (Townsend and Embarcadero)
– Cambridge, MA (222 Third St. 4th Floor)
– New York City, NY (36 East 12th Street


Each location offers desk space, bandwidth, coffee and lunch to aspiring entrepreneurs.  Our locations are wide-open, fun spaces that we respectively share with local startups (Social Media in San Francisco, and Allurent in Cambridge).  They are sorta like frat houses for geeks.

But we are much more than a physical space — we are a community of like minded entrepreneurs who share a spirit of “open source entrepreneurship,” the idea that, particularly at the very earliest of stages, we all benefit by fostering connection points between and amongst entrepreneurs and startups.  Whether it is sharing space, sharing ideas, sharing referrals, networking, or just hanging out, we all thrive on the flow of ideas, people and relationships. So, in addition to a workspace, we also use the lab frequently as a meeting place — for dinner events, brown bag lunch talks, workshops, conferences, symposia and good ole’ pizza and beer nights.

Alumni of Dogpatch Labs San Francisco include LOLapps and Thing Labs, and current startup residents include EtherPad, Mr. Tweet, Foul Play,  Umamibud and a few other as-yet unnamed projects.  Other startups with us down at Pier 38 include Automattic, Threadsy, Social Gold, SuperSecret, Poken, SitePoint/99Designs and CoTweet.

In San Francisco, you can find Mike Hirshland, Brian Grey and Ryan Spoon from Polaris and angel investor Ariel Poler.  Regulars at Cambridge are Dave Barrett and Jon Lim (with others frequently joining). In New York, you can find Peter Flint and Jon Steinberg.

These are exciting, energetic and fun spots — come visit us!


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  2. Thanks for listing betaworks in a category with those other names – can’t imagine that we get included in such rarefied company – but we do appreciate it.

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  6. Welcome to the neighborhood guys! Look forward to stopping by sometime.

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